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has this been done yet? because it needed to be done.

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sarah as cosima didn’t even look like cosima and i will never understand that because they are literally the same person


What a Peck Is

Rationally, Gail knows it isn’t Steve’s fault that she’s feeling this way.  But that won’t stop her from blaming him for the heavy aching pressure she’s had building under her ribs for the past few months.  

She’s sitting on a padded window seat in a sunny room, swinging her legs and watching while her brother changes a diaper on his four-day-old son. Ethan’s caramel skin and curly dark hair are a sharp contrast to the pale blue sleeper Steve is gently guiding tiny arms and legs into.  The tiny boy is barely bigger than his father’s hands, but Steve lifts him off the changing table and fits him into the crook of his arm as if he’s been doing it his whole life. 

Steady, that’s what Gail thinks when she thinks of her brother.  He’s been a rock in her life, a strong and solid presence since as far back as she can remember.  He was the first person in her life that loved her absolutely and for herself, not for who she was or what she could bring to the family legacy. 

And now he’s not hers anymore.  Now he’s a partner and a father and his steady hands will guide his two young boys, and however many more there are to come, to be the kind of strong and gentle, kind and whole-hearted men that he is. And amid all her happy feelings, her joy at seeing Steve wrestle with Leo or whisper into his newborn son’s ear while he rubs soothing circles on the boy’s tiny back, at watching him hold hands with Traci in the absentminded moments of the day, amid all these things Gail is just a little bit sad.  She feels just the hint of a loss. 

Privately, she’s convinced that this is just the way things are; all the happiest moments in her life seem to be tinged with the slightest hint of sadness.  

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shout out to whoever in wardrobe keeps putting tatiana-as-rachel in very tight dresses with back zippers that go from her shoulderblades to her hips

very, very thankful shout out



petition for an orphan black spinoff completely dedicated to ramon. tell us everything. how did he get into the black market. where did he meet alison. what is his sexual preference. is he trying to grow a mustache or is he too lazy to shave. how is his mother. there are questions that need answers and i will accept nothing less.

#how is his mother

Oh, excuse me, madam. Sorry, this may seem strange but have you seen a fallen star anywhere?

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Evelyne has the most amazing hair to work with - a gorgeous mane of naturally curly wildness! - Kerry-Lou Brehm, Pro Style Crew

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Song: Natural Disaster
Artist: Pentatonix
Album: PTX Volume 2
Plays: 38361


Pentatonix- Natural Disaster


Honestly, Orphan Black should be raising all sorts of ethical questions about DNA and cloning but the only ethical question I have is whether it’s wrong for two genetic identicals to get it on 

 Tatiana Maslany • Public Appereances/Events 2010 - 2014

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uh oh i can’t remember that one little detail of something that happened in episode 6 of orphan black

better rewatch the whole season